When people hear the word ‘camper’, there is a notion that they are always out and they all fall under same category. However, do you know that even though they share the love for truck camping, they live varying types of lifestyles? On top of that, each one is more distinct than the other. Who would have thought the same set of people would somehow turn out to be so different after all? Well, you can read on the following categories to know more about the varying types of lifestyles that these campers live.


As its name implies, weekenders pertain to those people who go out for camping during weekends or over a short period of time. Due to their limited time outside, they only carry a few things with them. Their activities mainly focus on relaxation to escape from the stressful demands of everyday life. Hence, they are often outside of the communication reach. The right equipment for them is those that are easy to transport, to set up, and to knock down. They are also after the warm to moderate climates. Since they only stay for a short time, a small trailer is best for them.


Unlike weekenders, the vacationers spend between one to four weeks of camping. They also focus on relaxation but they go to multiple destinations. Due to their pretty long stay, there is a need to carry laundry washer and dryer inside the truck or make a laundry stop. While weekenders like to stay outside of the communication reach, vacationers prefer to be kept inside the loop to keep their families updated of their whereabouts.


Compared to the previous two, snowbirds spend months camping. This is common among retirees and part-time workers, who have more spare time. During their camping trip, they also deal with the daily inevitable circumstances such as illnesses, personal finances, and vehicle maintenance. Since they are often gone for the whole season, snowbirds take this trip seriously by planning intently and ensuring that the vehicles’ floor plan and furniture and fixtures quality are in good condition for the long trip. In this case, new or second hand motorhomes are a good investment to consider.


As for the full-timer, camping is their life. They live in trucks, which can stay in one place or go to multiple destinations. This is where they do everything that they normally do inside the house. Similar to a house, the truck should also be cleaned regularly to maintain its good condition. The truck should be able to endure the constant presence of its occupants. Since they are in the truck most of the time, they are used to all types of seasons. However, they avoid places with extremely low temperature. Furthermore, since they have no permanent address, all their mail is directed to a friend who lives in a house where their personal mails could be forwarded. Also, they prefer to keep their phones with them since they are mostly out and phones are their only medium of communication.

Truck camping may be fun but it also varies depending on the lifestyle of the person. Then again, regardless of the lifestyle that you are living, truck camping can be for you.

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