If you’re looking to enter Australia, there are various ways you can get about doing this. However, all of this requires a visa. Thankfully, there are various types of visas present. Below, we’ll be discussing them, so keep reading.

Holiday Visa

Holiday visas are also known as tourist visas. This is how foreigners enter if they want to leisure in the country. The visa allows them to stay in Australia only for a certain number of days. The length depends on the country the individual is coming from.

If a tourist wants to apply for one, they’ll have to go to their local embassy along with their passport and enough money to purchase the visa. Now, this is the case for most nations, but for some, you’ll need much more documentation to be granted entrance. Fortunately, some countries are exempted from holiday visas. So, you can enter Australia on vacation without applying for one.

Student Visa

Student visas are the most common visas used by foreigners to enter the country. You can get one by enrolling in an Australian university. Now, it can be for your undergraduate, postgraduate or even your PhD.

It expires after your course is over. Once this happens, you can only stay in the country if you decide to work in it. Along with the student visa comes the work permit. It allows international students not only the ability to live in the country, but also to work in it. However, the hours they can work is lower than usual- 20 hours a week.

Work Visa

If your student visa is over and you still want to stay in the country, your best bet is to get a work visa. As you can guess, you can only obtain it if you work in the country. It will expire when you’re out of work. So, you’ll continuously have to renew it with new jobs.

Investor Visa

A significant investor Visa is a type of work visa. It allows you to live and work in the country if you’re invested quite a bit in it.

Medical Treatment Visa

Australia is a first world country. Hence, it is full of various medical amenities that are absent in countries abroad. This is why many people flock to the country to get treatment for all sorts of ailments. Specifically, surgery. Moreover, not only is it high-tech but relatively cheap. If citizens of foreign countries want to experience this wonder of Australia, they’ll need to apply for a medical visa. Frankly, this is the easiest to achieve from the assortment available.

Transit Visa

If your flight ever has a layover in an Australian airport, you’ll need a transit visa to pass through the international zone of the airport. Moreover, a short stay visa is also a type of it. It allows you to stay in the country for a very short time, possibly a day or two. Most people utilize short term visas between flights to explore the country a little in depth. As you can see, there are various avenues for you to visit the country. Hopefully, this article helped.

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