Are you looking for ways to plan a hangout with friends? Or are you just on break trying to get in touch with your friends who you haven’t talked to in ages. Well, whatever your reason is there are plenty of interesting activities that you can do with friends. Here are some of the coolest stuffs you can do with your friends.

Movie Night

This might sound a bit old fashioned but if you want a break from studies or work this is a perfect idea. Call up all your friends and agree to meet up at one of your places. Decide on which movies you are going to watch. Each member can decide one movie to watch. You can also divide amongst yourself some snacks and drinks. Ask one person to bring pizza, another to bring drinks and another one to get the popcorn etc.


The perfect getaway from the busy lives you lead is to plan a trip to a distant place. Get your mates together and decide on a place to go. It can be just a trip to visit one place or can be a road trip where you can just stop and visit all the important milestones that comes across your way. If you want a little bit of adventure you can even turn this trip into a hike, a camping trip or a safari. If you are willing to spend a little more on your vacation, you can even go on a cruise.

Movies/ Concerts

If your time is limited and you can’t stay up all night watching movies or spare more than one day, try the movie theatre. Checkout for the latest movies that are showing at your local cinema and set a date to go watch a movie with your friends. You can also try going to see a concert by your favorite artist. Get the tickets booked quickly or look for Australian open tickets to secure your seats early.


Plan a small picnic to a park nearby where you can just catch up on each other and just talk and relax. A place with scenic beauty is the best choice for a picnic. Talk with all your friends and decide on a day where all of you are free of any responsibilities. You can decide to prepare food by yourself if you want to treat your friends or you can divide the responsibilities and make each of your friends bring something to eat such as sandwiches or juice.


Treat yourself and your friends during your break and take a shopping trip where you can just roam around the city and buy your favourite stuff. Whether you are a teen or an adult, shopping is one of the most common spend the day activities. Pick the places you want to stop by and shop beforehand so you can decide the route you will have to take. At the end of the day, you can even drop in by your favourite food place or even the spa!

The next time you are wondering what to do on a free day or how to get all your friends together, take a look at these ideas and choose the one that you love the best.

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