Australia is vast and filled with awe and wonder in every square mile. Most parts of the land bask in the luxury of endless sunshine, pristine beaches, nature’s playgrounds of reefs and bays, national parks and exquisite wildlife that call Australia home.

What Should You Buy For Your Caravan?

  • Kitchen Accessories:Plates, bowls, cups, utensils, pots, pans, kettle, teapot and dish-cloths.
  • Dusting and Cabin Accessories: Basic first aid kit, dustpan and brush, bucket and hose, fire extinguisher, maps and area guides.
  • Bedding:Pillows, sheets, sleeping bags and bath towels.
  • Outdoor furniture and accessories:Tables, chairs, awnings and roof racks.
  • Internal accessories:Children’s booster seats, phone charging cables, heaters, fans, AUX cords and lighter adapters.
  • Safety equipment: Sat phones, emergency kits, GPS units, tyre puncture kits and locator beacons.

Things to Take on Your Road Trip

Australia is an outdoor lover’s paradise. And using affordable caravans as your mode of transport is a tremendous way to explore it! You can explore as much as you like or as little as you like in every passing mile.

First and foremost, pack the clothes and personal items that you need for the duration of your road trip.  Apart from it, there are a few important things to pack.  They are, ropes and cords, mobile phone with Australian SIM, baby wipes, bug spray, flashlights, weather-suitable extra clothing, sun protection and drinking water are some of the items that will become handy out there.

Best Seasons for Your Road Trip in a Caravan

  1. Darwin

The rainy season (November to April) brings humid afternoons and monsoonal rains. Still, it is suitable to travel as the rains last only for about an hour and the electric storms are breath-taking. The dry season (May-October) may offer better travelling conditions.  The scorching temperatures in summer (November-February) make caravan travel unsuitable.

  1. Melbourne

It is always a great time to travel through Melbourne, as it enjoys fairly mild weather throughout the year. The city rarely receives any snow, making the winter a superb time for a holiday too.

  1. Sydney:

Summer (December-February) is Sydney’s busy tourist season. The mild winter (June-August) is its rainiest period and during this period, there is less crowd, fewer tourists and better deals. The autumn and spring are great seasons with mild temperature and fewer crowds.

  1. Adelaide

As the summer ends and autumn begins to shed Adelaide (February-March) the city brightens with a lively season. This is the best time to travel in and around Adelaide in a caravan.

  1. Brisbane

This is a year round destination with pleasant weather for the most part of the year, and thus suitable for caravan travel any time. Autumn (April-May) is the best season of all, with very less humidity and rainfall.

  1. Perth

The best time to visit Perth in a caravan would be spring (September-November) when the sunny days are uninterrupted by rain. Summer (December-February) in Perth Is marked by scorching temperatures, making caravan travel unsuitable.

  1. Cairns

Cairns is at its most pleasant in winter (June-August), with dry weather featuring clear skies and calm winds.

  1. Alice Springs

Alice Springs can expose you to extreme weather. January-February is the hottest and totally unsuitable for caravan travel in the Red Centre. July is the coolest and temperature can drop below freezing and frosts occur on 50% of mornings.

Therefore, avoid these two seasons. The cooler months May-September are the best to visit Alice Springs in a caravan.

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