Whether you want to prepare your patio for some quality alone time or outdoor entertaining this spring, you need to ensure this area is comfortable while reflecting your personal style. So here are seven cost effective ways you can make your patio feel chic and inviting.


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Repaint Your Furniture

A brilliant way to avoid buying new outdoor furniture is to make do with the ones you already have. To breathe new life into your weather-battered garden furniture, simply paint them with a fresh coat of paint. Try sticking to neutral colours like white, beige, brown, grey, and black. Pastel blue is also a great option this season as it provides a great base to layer colourful fabrics and vibrant garden plants and flowers.



Accessorising is the way to go for the ultimate chic and trendy look for your patio. Apart from the staples of outdoor furniture like sofa and garden chairs, you need to add some textiles like rugs and blankets. But do not skimp out on throw cushions. Right now, bohemian cushions are all the rage. They come in a range of patterns and textures that exude a super chilled out vibe. You will also normally find them in neutral colours, which means they will complement your outdoor furniture perfectly.


Plant Aromatic Flowers

To create a relaxing atmosphere on your patio, you can plant subtly scented flowers such as lavender, gardenias, star jasmine, or lilac. If you are an avid gardener, you will find the joy of watching your plants grow from mere seedlings. But if you do not have a green thumb, you can always go to your local nursery or garden centre to choose from an array of flowers.


Allocate a Shady Nook

For a quiet and shady corner, you may want to consider creating a little nook specially dedicated for those lazy afternoons. If you are lucky enough to have trees, you can add a hammock so can swing in the breeze. Otherwise, install a small canopy in that corner and add a lounger where you can retreat with your coffee and a good book.


Add a Living Table Centrepiece

Nevermind that you are already surrounded by greenery, but your table should also be liven up with some plants. Flowers are great, but you can opt for any type of succulents to ensure a low maintenance table centrepieces. You can further customise the look via the pot you use to hold the plants. Rustic timber planter boxes are chic, but really, anything would do as long as it matches with the whole look you are going for.


Arrange a Pot Cluster

You can also arrange various colourful, textured and patterned statement pots with different heights. The different pieces will clash beautifully against one another. This pot cluster will add character and life to an otherwise mainly paved patio area.


Consider Resurfacing

Resurfacing the patio will involve a little more investment compared to the other options on this list. However, getting this done may instantly lift the overall outdoor look. Furthermore, you will have a neat and stylish patio for years to come.

We hope this helps you get started. Here’s too many days spent outdoors this time around.

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