If you’re planning on holidaying and exploring a country, then the below tips are exclusively for you to keep yourself from emptying your bank for it!

Know What You Want To Do In The Country

Everyone has different expectations when it comes to visiting and touring a country. Some want to visit the rural areas with all the great views, while others want to enjoy the city life. Some want to take in as many historical sites as they possibly can, while others want to shop till they drop…or at least fill up their bags as much as possible. Some like holidaying in luxury accommodations while others don’t mind “roughing it” a bit. Ask yourself what it is that you want from the holiday. Ask yourself how much of your comfort you’re willing to sacrifice. This makes it easier for you to plan your whole trip.

Consider Couch Sharing As Accommodations

Couch sharing is something backpackers are very familiar with. It’s basically trading accommodations for something else…like cooking your host family a meal or bringing them a gift from your native country. However, it is something you need to be a little cautious in some parts of the world. Ask yourself if you are willing to take this risk. If not, go to the next best option, which is hostels. Most hostels only cost you a fraction of what you’d pay for a hotel, so it’s a great option if you have a tight budget. Always opt for the recommended places by other travelers to avoid disappointment on arrival.

Ask Yourself If You’re Brave Enough To Hire Accommodations On Wheels

Having your own set of wheels is always a plus when you’re exploring a country. Most Asian countries have motorbikes for hire. However, you need not stop there. If you have an international license, you can even hire your own campervan; taking care of both the travel and the accommodations. Usually, Melbourne campervan hire is fairly reasonable when it comes to expenses, and certainly makes travelling a lot more interesting.

Learn The Local Words And Bargaining Skills

If you’re going to a country that doesn’t speak English as one of its main languages, it might be a very good idea to learn to speak at least a few key words or phrases in case of an emergency. Most city folks nowadays speak a fair amount of English, regardless of what part of the world you decided to visit. However, the rural areas are yet to catch up. Don’t worry about not pronouncing it just right. The locals will be very forgiving when they realize you are not a native speaker. Besides that, if you plan on getting a lot of shopping done while touring the country, we suggest you learn to bargain with the locals. This will reduce the “foreigner price” that most places have.

Know The Places To Eat From

Before leaving, make sure to do a thorough research on the local foods. Familiarize yourself with the food that falls into your dietary requirements. Read through and watch other travel bloggers for restaurant and street stall recommendations. This makes it easier for you to go for the best foods without wasting time or money.

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