Learning to drive a car is far easier than it looks. From the passenger’s point of view though, it looks daunting and tedious. Worry not; because once you are behind the wheel and start with a gentle foot on the pedal, you will realize that the process is quite intuitive. Take time to learn and take it slowly at the beginning as this will eventually take you on a smooth ride and help you master the basics quickly. Read on to find out how you can get started with a vehicle of automatic transmission.

Adjusting the seat and making yourself comfortable

The first important step as soon as you get behind the wheel is to make sure that you are seated comfortably to reach both pedals and have full and clear visibility in all directions. The driver seat is adjustable to both forward, backward and also up and down. This can be done through controls on the side of the seat or for the older models, through a lever. You will have to take private driving lessons in order to pass the test and get the license.

Familiarize with the pedals

The automatic car has two foot pedals, the right most pedal which is smaller than the left is the accelerator and the left pedal is the brake pedal which slows down or halts the car. It is always better to reach both the pedals from your right foot rather than using both feet. This is the safest way to use the pedals and also the proper technique. Never use both the feet to press on the pedals. Using one foot that is your right foot to reach down to each pedal will eliminate the risk of accidently pressing down on both pedals at once.


Adjusting the car’s mirrors

When you are seated behind the wheel, you will have three mirrors in front of you- the rear-view mirror which helps you see the rear windshield directly behind you and the two side mirrors that allows you to see either side of the car. The rear-view mirror should be adjusted in such a way that when you are seated, you can see as much as the rear of the car as possible.


How to use the parking brake

This is also called the hand-brake or the emergency brake and this is positioned in the middle of the driver’s seat and passenger seat. The parking brake ensures that it locks the car and instantly pulls the car to a halt. The car can freely move only if the hand-brake is disengaged and let down.


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