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How to Have a Hassle-Free Holiday

How to Have a Hassle-Free Holiday

While vacations are supposed to be fun, there is also a certain amount of stress involved. This is probably because there is so much planning involved, decisions to make, and overall uncertainty. The amount of hassle that you go through can often overshadow the holiday itself. To prevent this from […]

How to Get Your Patio Ready For Spring

How to Get Your Patio Ready For Spring

Whether you want to prepare your patio for some quality alone time or outdoor entertaining this spring, you need to ensure this area is comfortable while reflecting your personal style. So here are seven cost effective ways you can make your patio feel chic and inviting. Image Source: Repaint […]

Ireland Travel Guide

Ireland Travel Guide

I absolutely fell in love with Ireland and its people. Irish people are some of the friendliest, funniest and chattiest people I’ve ever met, and let’s face it, the accent is pretty sexy too.    If you fly into Ireland one thing you’ll notice is how incredibly green it is- […]

The 5 Best Travel Apps For Your Android Phone or Tablet
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The 5 Best Travel Apps For Your Android Phone or Tablet

Earlier this year we wrote about our favourite travel apps for the iPhone and now we thought it was time to do the same for Android devices.
From camera optimisation to travel organisers, these apps will ensure your holiday runs smoothly from start to finish.

Wikitude is the ultimate augmented reality Android app

1. Wikitude – Free
Without doubt Wikitude is the best augmented reality app available on Android devices.
If you’ve never used an augmented reality app before, the basic idea is that you can point your phone at something of interest and find out more about it. For instance, you could point your phone at a hotel and get TripAdvisor reviews, point it at local monument or place of interest and find out more about the area.
It’s a useful everyday app but really shines when you are in a foreign country!

2. Trip Journal – £2.99
Trip Journal is the perfect way to record where you’ve been and what you’ve seen. The app uses your GPS system to create a map recording where you’ve been, it allows you to store all your holiday pictures in a stylish album and lets you record your thoughts in a stylish journal.
Best of all, once you’ve created your journal you can share it on Facebook with all your friends.
3. Hipmunk – Free
Hipmunk is the ultimate travel companion. The app allows you to search and book hotels and flights whilst combining user reviews and price comparisons.
With Hipmunk you can also visualise where you will be staying using the built in maps functionality. You simply turn on heatmaps that show you the best areas to stay based on unique interests such as food, landmarks, nightlife and more.

Instagram is a real favourite of Leger Holidays

4. Instagram – Free
Instagram is a real favourite at Leger Holidays. Not only does it make our rubbish snaps look professional, but the app makes it easy to share our adventures with friends and families.
All you have to do is take a quick picture and apply a filter to transform everyday moments into works of art you’ll want to share with everyone you know. It’s like having Photoshop in your pocket.
5. Currency Converter – Free
There’s nothing better than haggling with local market traders and coming back from your holiday with some absolute bargains. But when you don’t know the currency it can be difficult to know if you’re getting a good deal or not.
That’s where this handy map comes in. Currency Converter quickly and easily converts different currencies so you can see exactly how much you’re spending. It’s a bargain hunter’s best friend.
Do you have an Android phone? Have we missed any great apps? Let us know in the comments below.
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Destination: Morocco
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Destination: Morocco

Moroccan culture can be an exciting experience. Wander the labyrinth of small streets and alleyways, filled with stalls selling everything imaginable, and an aroma of saffron and orange blossom among sacks of almonds piled high as mountains.

The Hassan Il Mosque

The almost medieval-like hustle and bustle of Morocco is, for most travellers a world away from their own cities and towns. The people are friendly and the place is pulsing with energy. Hospitality is really a part of their culture so you can strike up friendships virtually anywhere if you have the right attitude. Usually this results in further association with these dynamic and interesting people and a real taste of Moroccan life.
There are so many different ways that the people express themselves – in carpets, clothing, jewellery, ceramics, sculpture, painting, carving and calligraphy. If you ever have the opportunity to visit this country, you should consider buying some of the local artwork. Not only will it provide you with a little memento of your trip, but it will help out the local people who are usually quite poor. Don’t forget to get your leather goods from the tanners in Fez.
Spices hold pride of place in any Moroccan kitchen and are used skillfully to create a variety of distinctive flavours to tempt any palate. Common spices include cumin, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, paprika, aniseed, pepper, coriander, sesame seeds, saffron and mint. Couscous also plays an important role in Moroccan cuisine and is gaining popularity worldwide.

The Outdoor Market in Djemaa El-Fna square

Probably the most famous market in Marrakesh is the Djemaa El-Fna. It really comes alive in the evening. You can easily spend an entire night here wandering from stall to stall. Don’t eat a whole dinner, just have little tastes: there are grilled meats, steamed snails, lovely desserts… Let’s just say you won’t go hungry.
Away from the hussle and bustle you will find peace and tranquility at The Menara, surrounded by magnificent gardens, tranquil waters and snow-capped mountains in the background. Fascinating and full of history, the culture of Morocco is also home to incredible architectural wonders.
If you would like to head off on your own Moroccan adventure, you can find out more here.
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Susie’s Amazing Grand Explorer Adventure
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Susie’s Amazing Grand Explorer Adventure

Susie’s Amazing Grand Explorer Adventure
Sue Clark one of our customers has not long returned from her holiday with Leger Holidays. Read on to see what she thought of her trip with us on our Arctic Circle and the Land of the Midnight Sun Tour.

Which tour did you go on?
I went on the Arctic Circle and the Land of the Midnight Sun 16-day Grand Explorer trip departing June 29th 2013

How did you get there and how long did it take?
Initially by feeder coach in Lincoln, which also was our tour coach, and I undertook the whole tour by coach. During the adventure I also travelled on 10 ferries, which included an overnight one from Stockholm, Sweden to Turku in Finland
As mentioned previously, it was for 16 days, but as someone who travels as she lives, preferring the journey to the destination-it was paced just right.

Where did you stay?
Too numerous to mention and in a variety of accommodation, including a ski chalet.

What was the weather like? Did it affect your visit?
This tour was not about the weather but the experience, but the added bonus was that for the majority of the time it was glorious weather. I witnessed the Midnight Sun in Rovaniemi in full sunshine. The visit to North Cape was cloudy and windy, but very atmospheric. It rained in Tromso but that only added to the beauty of the countryside. Without the rain I would not have experienced the wonderful waterfalls and lush scenery we travelled through.

Which optional excursions did you do?
I booked the guided sightseeing evening tour in Oslo, and what an enlightening tour this was! I was completely unprepared for the visit to the Vigeland Sculpture Park, and as a sculpture spotter I was in raptures. For me, this optional excursion was worth every pound I spent on it!

In the words of one of our drivers, this was an adventure rather than a holiday, and it was an adventure I would not have missed! Throughout the adventure I grew in cultural, spiritual and geographical experience. It was also a very positive experience because I travelled with a lovely group of people and also a couple of great drivers.
This experience has convinced me not only to undertake more Leger Grand Explorer tours, but also to visit Scandinavia, particularly all the capital cities, for longer as I was only able to have ‘tasters’ on this occasion.
Thank you Leger, without whom I would not have been able to have such an amazing Grand Explorer adventure

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