If you are planning to organize a wellness escape you are probably the wellness leader for your program. While you may have all the qualifications and skills that are required to pull this kind of thing off, that does not necessarily mean that it will satisfy your clients, unless you have a schedule that has been well thought out. If you have ever come across somebody who has been a client at such a program and come home feeling like they did not get what they expected, it is probably because the program was not well-organised. Here are some aspects of planning that you need to get just right by avoiding crucial errors.

Starting On a Program Too Soon

If you have just started out as an instructor, it might be worth considering if you are jumping into this a little bit too soon. For example, ask yourself the correct questions, like do you have enough students who would genuinely be interested and would participate definitely? Would they be able to afford what you are charging?Do you have enough credentials that they would follow you?Also think about things like the location of the program. If it is a first time thing, you would be better off organizing something locally rather than taking it out of the country. You should also attend other fitness retreats and speak to other leaders in order to gather knowledge and information on how you can do this right.

Not Having a Plan for the Program

If you do not put enough thought and research into the planning of the program before you start it, you will realize halfway through that you have completely forgotten certain crucial details that will help the event become a success. You will have a lot of unhappy clients and your reputation will take a hit. Everything from the time, date and the venue to the pricing and facilities that you plan on offering should all be well thought out and you should not leave anything to chance.

Not Doing Enough Marketing

You need to do enough marketing for the launch of your program. Otherwise how would you expect people to know what is going on or the other details that will get you the amount of people needed? A badly-advertised and marketed program will fail because you might actually suffer a loss in terms of the return of investment that you have made. Speak to your students and get them to ask their friends who might be interested in this, write about it on your social media pages and get the word out there along with costs and everything else that people attending would like to know if they want to participate.

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Putting In Way Too Much or Too Little

This could be another potential issue where either you do not have enough activities, leading participants to feel like they are being ripped off or putting too much activity that it begins to feel like some kind of military boot camp. You need to remember why you wanted to do this in the first place and be true to your cause. 

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