If you’re about to travel for your first time to Bali’s Seminyak, we have free handy tips for you. Whether you’re on a romantic getaway, making a memorable journey with friends or simply going solo, you can enjoy some fresh locations and activities that make Seminyak such a perfect holiday spot. Below you will find six of the top suggestions that will help you create special memories to last a lifetime:



  1. Join a cooking school

Impress everyone at home with newly earned Balinese cooking skills. Just enroll in a course during your stay at one of the many cooking schools. It’s fun when you’re joined by friends, but you might also enjoy the company of other tourists or locals. The most important part of such course is learning how to get the flavors right and make a delicious blend.

  1. Start your own party


With the many beach bars on the Seminyak shoreline, many start parties that last well into the night. If you feel that you don’t fit with the crowd or don’t want to waste more money than planned, you can enjoy your own party in a laid-back atmosphere at your own luxurious villa. Rent one of these fancy yet affordable seminyak villas. After all, why wouldn’t you? You will find anything between a one-bedroom house with a private pool to a multi-bedroom home with catering services.



  1. Take 3D painting photos

If you visit the Bali 3D Trick Art Gallery, you’ll have a ton of fun posing with realistic, three-dimensional paintings that imitate intriguing real life scenes. There are over 80 such scenes and the museum is open every day. As you get back home, you can have a good laugh with friends and family.


  1. Participate in a beach ceremony

Traditions are well alive in Bali and some of the religious ceremonies, such as blessings, are held right on the beach. Go at the Pura Petitenget temple – a small but picturesque one. You can simply walk to it from anywhere you may be in Seminyak.


  1. Try out a restaurant

Restaurants in Seminyak mix Balinese cuisine with Western European dishes so you can order anything you feel like. Usually, at any waterfront bar you will be able to order something to eat, which is tasty and cheap. The best dishes are cooked on grills or in open fire ovens, so you can experience an exquisite flavor. Besides, each such venue here seems to have a theme.


  1. Go to a golf course

Playing golf in Bali certainly has a different, very special feeling to it. These golf courses are surely at the top level but this is not what makes them special – it’s the landscape. If the sport is familiar to you, you’ll be appreciating the opportunity to play it in such an unusual setting, especially as the sunset draws near and paints the sky in marvelous colors. Try Nirwana, the best known one, which was created on a terraced rice field. The area is particularly attractive as it also hosts the Tanah Lot temple.


You can have a bit of everything during your Seminyak holiday. Enjoy the quiet beach time and the wild club nights and don’t forget to put aside some money for shopping sprees and perhaps for one or two spa sessions.

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