Is your or a loved one’s very special birthday approaching soon? Planning a birthday party doesn’t have to be a mundane affair. Understandably, not everyone would want the party hats and music inside the house birthday party again. It’s a special day, so why not find a special way to celebrate it? Here are several ideas for celebrating a birthday in a non-traditional and unique manner:

Do a Cake Swap

Tasting the birthday cake is probably the the top highlight of any birthday party. If you are really into the cake cutting ceremony, you can ask guests to bring their own take on the birthday cake instead of gifts. Gather then all and take a bite out of each. It will be a sugar-filled and very indulgent night.

Rent a Boat for a Party on the Ocean

Why confine everyone to a hotel or your home when you can enjoy your birthday on the ocean? Boat birthday parties are a super fun and very unique way to celebrate a special personal day. Renting a boat is not as expensive as most people think. You can rent a boat in Sydney for example for as low as $500 per hour. Depending on the size of the crowd, budget for up to $1,200 per hour. If you want a luxury-type boat, then it might cost several thousand dollars per hour. You can check rental boat options on well suited for hosting birthday parties. Imagine celebrating off-coast swaying in the gentle ocean breeze. The photo opportunities alone would be priceless.

Hire a Mixologist

A mixologist is a fancy name for someone who mixes custom-made cocktails and mocktails. While it may sound easy to mix drinks, it’s not really. The professionals really know what they are working with. If you want the type of birthday party where everyone sits around, sips drinks and chats, then hire a mixologist to spice up the special day. A pro will be able to concoct recipes based on the guests’ preferences and favourites.

Do a Birthday Dinner

Casual birthday parties come and go, but everyone remembers the classy birthday parties. Why not make this special day really memorable by hosting a formal dinner for the guests with multi course meals, high-end wine, and maybe some soothing jazz music in the background. You can add a wine and cheese tasting sessions to really up the game. This is the route Rihanna took for her 30th birthday and it might work for your crowd too.

Plan a Wine-Filled Birthday at a Vineyard

Could you think of a better venue (on land) for a birthday than one of Australia’s many sprawling vineyards? Many celebrated wineries in the country accommodate private events like weddings and birthdays. The guests will definitely be impressed by the effort. If the birthday gal or guy has an affinity for wine tasting, then a vineyard party could be a special surprise. The transportation won’t be too gruelling either because many vineyards are located only hours away from major cities like Sydney and Melbourne.

Try one or two of the above suggestions to do something different for a special birthday this year.

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