There is much more to see and do in Geelong than one might think. Despite it being only around a one and a half hours drive from Melbourne a lot of people does not seem to know much about this quaint city in Victoria. So here are a few things you can go see, some activities you can do and some food you should try:

Explore Historic Sites on Foot

You can actually walk to a lot of locations of historic value and significance. You can go visit historic churches like the Old Geelong Gaol which was built in 1864 after 20 years of work going into it in order to bring it to its completion. There is additionally a museum dedicated to this locations history with sheep. Thus, museum is aptly named the ‘Wool Museum’.

Take a Hike or Get a Bike

If historic landmarks and museums are not what you were hoping to see, then you can use some of the many foot trails in order to explore the stunning water-front views or you can take a bike trail to get to a bubbling brook. The foot trails will give you a quieter and intimate view of this part of Australia. And you can even view the pristine waters of Phillip bay from the pier once you have walked along the coastal trails.

Cultural Centres and Art Galleries

You cannot and I mean absolutely cannot miss seeing the art in this part of Australia. Especially because this is an award-winning cultural centre with a wealth of knowledge that everyone should have. This cultural centre gives great insight into the history of the fascinating aboriginals who are native to Australia. There is a plethora of information in the art gallery and cultural centre and it would be a waste if one went to Geelong but failed to see these.

Eat Up!

With so many options to choose from you will go absolutely bonkers with all the choices of fine dining and also because the food scene in general is off the charts here. You can certainly tantalize your taste buds and eat at some of the best restaurants in Geelong. With breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea-time, dessert and everything in between you will feel like a sultan being constantly fed the fanciest food upon your request. So do not be afraid to try new food at different restaurants because you will be spoilt for choice here, and it is an opportunity that you simply cannot miss. So sit down, grab a utensil and stuff your face.

And now you know all there is to know about what you can see, do and eat in the beautiful port city of Geelong. From the food, to the history, to the art, Geelong is a pretty cool place to visit. So do not miss out. Take a trip to this wonderful and interesting place whether it is only for a day or the weekend because you will not regret it. And just remember to have a good time.

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